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LUX Architectural Panel provides the reliability of prefinished steel with the timeless beauty of wood.

LUX Architectural Panel is available in an ever expanding range of woodgrain finishes, as well as many premium textured and solid colours. LUX Panel can be installed horizontally, vertically and as a soffit. The optional venting is designed to blend cleanly with other finished panels and provides 8.064 SQ. inches of venting per square foot.

LUX Panel is also an excellent alternative to wood products because, unlike wood, Lux Panel does not warp, it requires no refinishing, it does not absorb water, it is impenetrable to insects and it will last much longer. LUX is also a noncombustible, galvanized steel product made in part from recycled material which, in turn, can also be easily recycled. LUX Panel provides exceptional value as a durable metal cladding product and LUX Panel has one of the best warranties in the business. LUX Panel is produced to order in virtually any custom length and because it is manufactured in Canada, the turn-around time is very short. Custom and variable lengths are important as they mean a decrease in cost for the customer as well as much less product wastage. LUX Panel also passes important code and building certifications which means you can feel confident in your long lasting, inexpensive and beautiful LUX project.





LUX Architectural Panel is a metal cladding industry leader providing innovative designs solutions for contemporary architectural projects.